Selective Group Programming with Queenax™

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Selective Group Programming with Queenax™

After working with the Queenax functional fitness by Precor for the past 2 years I am astonished by the variety of applications to group exercise that it can accommodate. This energising motivation system really can tackle all elements of PT and group training that is required to target all populations of the community, which has never been more necessary!

Did you know it was highlighted by UKactive in September 2017 that British adults spend an average of just 90 minutes being physically active per week, according to a new study. A study of 2,004 British adults conducted by ComRes reveals that British adults do not spend enough time doing moderate exercise such as fast walking or riding a bike, with 26% doing 30 minutes or less.

Professor Sir Muir Gray CBE, chief knowledge officer to the NHS, added: “Physical inactivity is society’s silent killer and even short bouts of being sedentary can lead to deadly diseases.”

According to Public Health England, meeting the recommended exercise time each week can lead to a reduced risk of: type-2 diabetes by 40%, cardiovascular disease by 35%, dementia by 30% and some cancers by 20%.

So, let us help tackle this together with what we have. We know that some members need a social support mechanism when even considering joining, let alone when they eventually decide to sign up. It is not always just about the membership fees which encourages someone to take the step to join.

Take a selective approach to targeting this section of the population and offer them something they can possibly visualise doing. In fact, use marketing videos and images to show them what they can achieve too.

Group programming solutions to motivate.

Precor’s Queenax Coach Foundation Workshop is available to all clubs who purchase a Queenax unit. Not only does this provide key knowledge to instructors but it also gives them and club management the group programs to immediately implement for the members. They all provide a level playing field where individual strengths are capitalised and personal challenges are worked upon.

Queenax Boost: This 30-minute total body group workout optimises time and results with Superfunctional™ total body training.

Queenax Team: Research shows that working with a partner can increase workout intensity by 200%! Excite and energise your workout with play-based movements and challenges that build motivation and camaraderie among your teammates.

Queenax Core: Target your core muscles to improve stability and strength with this high-energy program that incorporates coordination, strength and stamina.

Queenax Metabolic Fit: Get lean and strong with high intensity interval training that will enhance metabolism while improving your overall fitness level.

Queenax Monkey Bar Masters: Join the Queenax Elite and learn techniques to cross the monkey bars with ease and grace with this skill-based circuit program that focuses on the components of monkey bar fitness.

Depending on your unit, you can train a group of individuals using the various Apps and Optionals available and it’s the most flexible training rig I have ever used. Adaptation is the name of the game here. Stepping it up a gear with additional programs which I think are the absolute gems of workouts. Targeting all levels of the population who need to feel a softer more personalised challenge.

Queenax Superfunctional™ Move

The Superfunctional Move program brings all the components of recovery and regeneration work to help engage, relax, and re-center our bodies. The Superfunctional Move class uses trigger point release, self-massage, dynamic movement integration, warding patterns, and relaxation strategies to help the body to recovery.

Queenax Ultimate Superfunctional™

Ultimate Superfunctional is a creative, structured group training format designed for general fitness. However, workouts can be modified to engage a variety of populations. This course provides the building blocks and design strategy for general fitness, as well as supplemental coaching for adapting content to special populations. Additionally, it explores the science and benefits of suspended fitness training.

All in all, we applaud clubs who step outside the comfort zone to step up and offer opportunity to members with the backing of great coach education and knowledge, with the ultimate result of increasing adult activity numbers and the bottom line in the club finances.

Find out more about Queenax Education courses here

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Sarah Morelli is Senior Master Instructor for the SPINNING® Program, Master Coach of Precor’s Queenax and Director of Athleticum®, Education Representative for SPINNING® in the UK and Ireland and partnered with Precor UK.

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