AMT® Superset Workout

Personal Training

AMT® Superset Workout

Super setting strength with cardio is a great way to maximize workout time and results with your clients. The AMT® Superset Active Recovery Workout uses free weights and the AMT to deliver a total body workout. The workout pairs seven free weight exercises with complementary AMT movements. Though this workout can be performed as either a circuit (completing each superset once before moving on to the next exercise) or as a horizontal loading routine (performing multiple sets of the same superset before moving on to the next exercise), we recommend the latter for this programme because this will give clients more time to learn and practise proper movement technique before moving on to the next exercise.

For each of the free weight exercises, clients should lift a load that they can competently manage for 12 repetitions. If they would like to increase strength gains, they can increase the load and reduce repetitions to 8-10.

Each AMT movement will be performed for 2 minutes at a moderate pace. For less conditioned clients, reduce the resistance, movement speed, or training time.

Fast transitions between the free weight exercises off the machine and the AMT sequences are critical for a successful training effect. Before beginning this programme with a client, make sure that he/she is comfortable initiating movement on the AMT so that you can keep close control of the clock during this session.

Alternative Equipment

Though this programme is designed with dumbbell exercises, resistance bands and suspension fitness straps can be  excellent alternatives. Resistance bands can be easily wrapped around the equipment to accommodate each movement pattern. Suspension straps should only be utilised if they are located within close proximity to the AMT.


Workout Parameters

  • Warm-up and cool down appropriately before beginning this workout
  • Perform 2-3 sets of each superset before moving to the next exercise
  • Minimize rest time within supersets
  • Perform 12 reps of each free weight exercise and 2 minutes of each AMT Exercise