Cueing Adaptive Movement on the Precor AMT®

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Cueing Adaptive Movement on the Precor AMT®

The AMT facilitates nearly endless stride styles in the sagittal plane of motion – from stepping, to jogging to running. This presents an opportunity for trainers to coach clients on proper form, training styles, programme design and aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.


Coaching Takeaways 

  • Engage More Muscles: As stride lengthens, muscle activation throughout the body also increases.
  • Stride Length Range: Stride length varies from 0”–36”
  • Coaching to Stride Length: On P30 consoles, cue movement by colour zones (green = step, yellow = jog, orange = run). On P80 consoles, coach to stride length number (0-5 = step, 20-28 = jog, 30+ = run).
  • Stride Height (Open Stride™): Stride height adjusts from 6.8” –10” across 5 Open Stride™ Levels
Movement Progression Tips

Step 1: Start with Stepping

  1. Enter the pedals from the back platform.
  2. Hold on to the central rodeo grip and shift your weight so the pedals are level.
  3. Start stepping in a vertical motion, pushing through your heels, and hit Quick Start.
  4. Increase resistance to 3-5, staying in the green zone (0-5 range).
  5. Increase quadriceps and posterior muscle activation by flexing at the waist slightly.
  6. Increase hip flexion by increasing Open Stride level.

*Primary muscles used: quadriceps, calves

Step 2: Transition to a Jog

  1. From the stepping position, lean forward and transition into a jogging stride in the yellow zone (20–28 range).
  2. To find this stride, keep pressure on the balls of your feet as they move downward and past the midline of your body.
  3. If pedals fall into a kicking back motion, return to a stepper position and then try again.
  4. Hold on to the moving handles to open up the upper body.

  *Increases activation in quadriceps and calves, plus elevates hamstring and gluteal engagement.

Step 3: Break into a Run

1. Holding on to the moving handles, stretch out into a running stride in the orange zone (30+ range).

*Increases lower body muscle activation and core activation
15 Minute Kick Starter Workout
Training Positions:

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