Expand your Programme with Queenax™ Courses

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Expand your Programme with Queenax™ Courses

In addition to our onsite Queenax Foundations training, we have added four new continuing education courses to better support your growing functional training programmes. Whether you are looking to add variety to current offerings or would like to introduce something completely different for your clients, we have you covered! Courses range in length from two to four hours and can be bundled together for a customised training experience. See the course descriptions below and contact Precor Education or your local Sales Rep for more information. 

Ultimate Superfunctional™ - 4 hours
Ultimate Superfunctional is a creative, structured group training format designed for general fitness. However, workouts can be modified to engage a variety of populations. This course provides the building blocks and design strategy for general fitness, as well as supplemental coaching for adapting content to special populations. Additionally, it explores the science and benefits of suspension fitness training. 

Superfunctional™ Move - 2 hours
The Superfunctional Move programme brings all the components of recovery and regeneration work to help engage, relax, and re-centre our bodies. The Superfunctional Move class uses trigger point release, self-massage, dynamic movement integration, warding patterns, and relaxation strategies to help the body to recovery. 

UFO Specialisation - 2 hours
The UFO is the first suspension fitness tool that allows you to suspend your whole body weight on a platform while reacting to 3 dimensional forces. It simultaneously challenges your core, balance, mobility and stability in every body part due to its dynamically shifting centre when you move on the platform. Learn how to work individually and with a partner as you explore fun and progressive programme design. 

4D PRO® Bungee Fitness Specialisation - 2 hours
Bring the fun, energy and challenge of bungee fitness to your facility! Learn how to coach and design movements with the unique 4D PRO bungee fitness trainer. This playful, dynamic, and core-intensive suspension fitness tool is a game changer in the world of play-based exercise.


Continuing Education Credits  

All courses include continuing education credits (CECs) through the American Council on Exercise, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America

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