High Intensity Training with the Precor Interval Treadmill

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High Intensity Training with the Precor Interval Treadmill

Every second counts in your interval training session, and the new Precor Interval Treadmill is optimised to maximize your work-to-rest periods so you can expedite results in less time. The Precor Interval Treadmill is designed for exercisers who prefer a self-directed workout.  Whether you’re performing Tabatas, 30:30 intervals or another HIIT variation of your choice (for tips on finding the best interval, check out our article “Selecting the ‘Right’ HIIT Protocol”, the new Precor interval interface acts as an easily programmemable training platform so you can focus on getting the best workout without getting bogged down by machine adjustments. What’s more, if you’d like to incorporate interval activities off the treadmill, the machine automatically defaults to a three minute pause time so you can use the timer as a counter while you perform body weight or resistance exercises such as kettlebells swings, burpees, and more.

What Matters Most in Interval Training

Oftentimes HIIT protocols focus on intensity first, and recovery second. In fact, both are equally important! Proper HIIT protocols are well planned to ensure that they quickly ramp up your intensity during the work time, and then provide a long enough recovery period so that your heart rate can return to 50-60% max heart. HIIT intervals primarily recruit the anaerobic system, and the intense bouts produce stress that increase hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine, elevate body temperature, tax fuel stores, and cause tissue damage. When paired with a proper recovery, this stress promotes adaptation and gains. However, improper recovery can lead to injury, dehydration, elevated stress level and heart rate, to name a few. Our bodies are not designed to train anaerobically for prolonged periods of time, so make sure to pair those intense bouts with restorative periods. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, use the talk test to determine your recovery time: if you can easily speak with someone, you’re ready to amp it up for the next interval.

Learn more about the impact of elevated stress over time.

Intensity Guidelines

Let's Get Training! 

There are two ways to use the Precor interval treadmill.

  1. One Touch Speed and Incline Keys: Easy speed adjustment keys trace the right edge of the console, and incline keys cover the left side. To make an adjustment at any time during your training, simply push the desired key and the treadmill will take you to that speed or incline setting. No need to interact with a toggle!
  2. Programmemable Interval Settings:
    1. Three interval buttons are positioned in the centre of the console – low, medium and high intensity. These buttons allow you to easily change from a recovery to a moderate intensity to a high intensity training level with the push of a button. We recommend selecting these settings during your warm-up period so you’re ready to go once your work period begins.
    2. To set the training parameters for a button, push it and select your speed and incline setting using the toggles or the one-touch keys. Hit OK and the machine will save and remember your settings for the remainder of your workout. You can override these settings at any time during your workout by following this same process.

Try this Super 8 Workout 

Note: Based on the above intensity guidelines, adjust your programmemed intervals during your workout if you are not achieving the proper intensity or recovery.

8 minutes – Warm Up
During this period, set your Programmemable Interval Settings. Intensity should start low and gradually progress to a moderate level during the warm-up period, always utilising your aerobic energy system. If you are gasping for breath or struggling to speak, slow down your speed or reduce the incline. As a general rule, by the end of your warm-up you should be able to work at your moderate interval setting.

8 minutes – Workout
Alternate 45 seconds high intensity with 60 seconds low intensity (or length of time it takes to get to 50-60% max heart rate) for 8 minutes. 

8 minutes – Cool Down
During this period, recover to 50-60% max heart rate. Once you achieve this level, maintain it for 2-3 minutes. To finish the 8 minutes, stop the treadmill and step off the back. Perform stretches for the duration of the 8 minute window.

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