Low Row Pull and Stabilise Workout


Low Row Pull and Stabilise Workout

By Rebecca Catherman, Personal Trainer and Precor Strength Project Manager

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Transform your favourite selectorized equipment into a functional training station! This five step Pull and Stabilise Workout will help you maximize results on the Precor Diverging Low Row by challenging your stabilisation, core and strength.

The machine combines flexible, free movement with ergonomically shaped rotating handles. The biomechanically precise diverging movement arms ensure a natural and comfortable path of motion. This workout is an excellent choice for exercisers with limited time looking to get the best training effect at a single training station.

Postural Dos

  • Maintain a neutral head position
  • Draw in your abdominals
  • Shoulder blades should retract and stay low as you pull

Postural Don'ts

  • Shrug/elevate shoulders
  • Round shoulders forward as you pull
  • Lean head forward
  • Arch low back

The Workout

Perform this workout sequence twice with a 90-second rest period in between, increasing the resistance to 70% of your 1 rep max throughout each set. Images of each exercise are included below the table.

The Exercises

Seated 2 Arm Row

Seated Alternating Row

Seated 1 Arm Row

Standing 2 Arm Row

Standing 1 Arm Row