Lower Body Blast Workout

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Lower Body Blast Workout

The Lower Body Blast Workout utilises the Precor Smith Machine and is designed to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. This programme combines a primary strength movement – the dead lift –  with three drop sets of alternating lunges.


Coaching and Cueing Tips


Dead Lift

  • Brace the core and keep head and spine in a neutral position.
  • Keep the bar as close to the body as possible throughout the movement.
  • Squeeze the glutes at the top of the range of motion while extending the knees and hips.

Reverse Alternating Lunges

  • Keep the chest up while stepping back into a lunge position.
  • Drive the heel into the ground while standing up and maintain three points of contact with the ground – heel, big toe and little toe.
  • Maintain alignment of the knees, hips and toes.
  • Squeeze the glutes at the top of the range of motion and switch legs.

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