Precor Squat/Push/Pull Workout

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Precor Squat/Push/Pull Workout

By John Meeks, CSCS, Precor Master Coach, CFL1

The Squat/Push/Pull Workout is a total body strength training workout on the Precor Smith Machine. This programme increases strength and muscle mass by focusing on larger muscle groups using compound, multi-joint movements. The workout combines 5 sets of squats with 5 supersets of pushing and pulling movements.



Coaching and Cueing Tips




  • Position feet under hips. If your client has limited mobility in the hips, select a wider foot position.
  • Feet should maintain three points of contact with the ground and angle out between 0 and 15 degrees.
  • Position bar on upper back and engage the shoulders and lats to pull bar into the shoulders.
  • Engage the core and drive through the heels while descending, keeping foot, knee and ankle aligned.
  • Squeeze the glutes at the top of the range of motion while extending the knees and hips.

Bench Press

  • Position the bench so that the middle of the client’s chest lines up with the bar.
  • Keep shoulders down and squeezed together, and keep the back flat against the bench.
  • Elbows should stay close to the body to optimise shoulder position.
  • Keep heels in contact with the ground.

Bent Over Row

  • Grab the bar outside the hips.
  • Flex at the knees and hips while lowering the bar so the shoulders remain directly over the bar.
  • Maintain a neutral head and spine.
  • Contract the lats and pull the bar toward your midline without allowing hips or knees to extend.

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