Get to Know Precor Equipment

Watch instructional tutorials on Precor equipment to learn how to get the most out of the equipment available at your facility. These videos are grouped by product category for easy viewing. Scroll down to find your cardio, strength or functional equipment of choice.

Cardiovascular Equipment

These quick visual guides provide insight into the training benefits and set-up for the Precor Experience Series cardio line. They are designed to empower exercisers, trainers and operators with essential information for safe and effective equipment operation.

Functional Equipment

The functional guides showcase movements and stretches on our FTS Glide Functional Trainer, as well as our Stretch Trainer and Precor Ab-X equipment.

Before beginning any fitness programme, you should obtain a complete physical examination from your doctor. When using exercise equipment or participating in a training programme, you should always take basic precautions. If you do not understand how to operate a piece of equipment, ask someone from the facility such as a trainer to demonstrate how to use it and explain any safety instructions. Also, only use the equipment for its intended purpose. Do not use accessory attachments that are not recommended by the manufacturer, as such attachments may cause injuries. Wear proper exercise clothing and shoes for your workout – no loose clothing. Do not overexert yourself or work to exhaustion. Use reasonable judgement when working on equipment. Avoid using excessive weight, which may cause injury. If you feel pain, faintness, dizziness or abnormal symptoms, stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor. Read all posted instructions on each piece of equipment, including all safety instructions and warnings.