Queenax™ of the Week: Assault AirBike Metabolic Workout


Queenax™ of the Week: Assault AirBike Metabolic Workout

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Perform this Queenax + Assault AirBike Metabolic Workout as fast as possible without compromising your training form. Use this as a benchmark workout to periodically assess your performance and see if you can reduce your completion time. To complete the workout, perform the entire Workout and Recovery Sequence three times. The clock starts when you begin the first work period and stops at the end of the final three minute recovery period.

Equipment Needs

Assault AirBike*

*If you don’t have an Assault AirBike, use a jump rope and do 200 jumps.

Workout Guidelines

  1. Start the timer.
  2. Perform one round of the Workout Sequence as quickly as possible. Make note of the time when you complete the first round of work.
  3. Recover for three minutes using the exercise selection below.
  4. When your recovery period reaches three minutes, immediately perform a second round of the Workout and Recovery Sequence.
  5. Complete the Workout and Recovery Sequences for a total of three times.
  6. Your workout is complete at the end of the third three minute recovery period. Write down your total time.

Workout Sequence

Prior to starting the timer, warm-up completely on your favourite piece of Precor cardio or with Round 1 Exercises from the Queenax™ of the Week: Movement Performance Circuit.

Assault AirBike: 15 calories as fast as possible

  1. Position the seat height so knee stays slightly bent throughout the motion.
  2. Start pedaling. The console will turn on. Push the handles and pedals and watch the calorie count climb on the console as you pedal.
  3. When you hit 15 calories, hop off and go to the Queenax.

Superfunctional: 15 Metabolic Jumping Pull-Ups

  1. Position the bar at head height.
  2. Bend knees to 45 degrees and drop down until arms are fully extended shoulder-width apart.
  3. Powerfully extend legs and hips while jumping and pulling on the bar.
  4. Bring chin above bar and return to starting position as quickly as possible.
  5. Repeat with no breaks between movements.
  6. Read the complete article on Mastering the Metabolic Jumping Pull-Up.

Superfunctional: 15 Push-Up Crunches

  1. Set the bar at the lowest level.
  2. In a prone position on hands, lift top of feet on to bar.
  3. Bend knees to elbows, keeping a neutral spine.
  4. Lower into push-up as legs move back into plank position.
  5. Bend knees to elbows while lifting out of push-up and repeat.

Superfunctional: 30 Lateral Jumps

  1. Set the bar at the lowest level.
  2. Stand beside bar on a single leg.
  3. Leap laterally back and forth across the bar without rest.
  4. Each time a foot touches down counts for one jump.

Recovery Sequence

Superfunctional Glute Stretch

  1. Set bar at or slightly below hip height.
  2. Cross one knee atop the other and hold on to bar with both hands.
  3. Lean back to create tension on the straps.
  4. Sit back into stretch, keeping arms straight throughout the movement.

Superfunctional Hip Mobility

  1. Set bar at or slightly below hip height.
  2. Hinge at hips, sliding bar forward and hips backward.
  3. Keep a neutral spine with arms in line with ears.

Superfunctional Shoulders and Lateral Line Stretch

  1. Set bar at or slightly below hip height.
  2. Cross one leg over the other, turning feet parallel to the length of the bar.
  3. Keep arms straight and lean back toward back leg.

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