Queenax™ of the Week: Core Activation Circuit for Golfers


Queenax™ of the Week: Core Activation Circuit for Golfers

Core training specifically targets the muscles found in the midsection of the body and in the game of golf, allows for greater control and power through the swing. This workout incorporates movements that challenge core strength and stabilisation for the overall improvement of these specific areas.   

Equipment Needs

  • Queenax™
  • Superfunctional™
  • Strong++ 
  • CrossCore®

Workout Guidelines 

Complete the five movements below as a complete circuit and repeat up to three rounds at 30 seconds per station increasing resistance and/or time as strength improves. Add an additional balance component by changing your focal point or closing the eyes. 

Torso Rotation Variations 


  1. Start with arms extended, feet hip width apart, and upper body facing frame.
  2. Alternate travelling low to high, horizontal, or high to low.

Superfunctional Side Plank


  1. Set the bar at the lowest level.
  2. In a side-lying position on elbow, lift feet on to bar in a staggered position.
  3. Position hand on hip.
  4. Keep hip and shoulder in line.

CrossCore Anti-Rotation with Press 


  1. Holding one handle with both hands, stand in a split squat position.
  2. Engage the core, maintain lower body position, and press arms away from chest.
  3. Bend elbows and bring hands toward the chest.
  4. Repeat.

Superfunctional Hanging Switch 


  1. Set bar at overhead height.
  2. With straight arms, lift and bend legs to form two 90 degree angles.
  3. Twist body to one side.
  4. Switch legs and twist to opposite side, maintaining scapular thoracic stability.

Strong++ Bend to Extend 


  1. Stand facing away from high pulley in split squat.
  2. Straighten arms overhead and position both hands on one handle.
  3. Start with slight back extension then reach forward, driving movement with the core.

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