Queenax™ of the Week: Functional Corner Playground


Queenax™ of the Week: Functional Corner Playground

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Make Queenax™ your functional playground, regardless of the unit size! This play-based workout on the Functional Corner shows how you don’t have to compromise your training creativity in a small footprint. Try these 6 total body exercises that will particularly challenge your coordination, timing, core, upper body strength and stamina. Perform each movement for 30-60 seconds with minimal rest time between movements. Rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat entire sequence.

Exercise 1: Superfunctional™ Lunge to Prone Crunch Combo

  1. Set the Superfunctional bar height at level 8.
  2. Position one foot on the bar and then slide the raised leg backward into a suspended lunge.
  3. Return to starting position and repeat 2 more times.
  4. After the third lunge, drop into a prone crunch position by lifting other foot on bar.
  5. Crunch 3 times and then hop up and repeat lunges again.
  6. See how many sets you can complete in a 30-60 minute period.

Exercise 2: Mobile Parallels Frontal Plane Hanging Swing

  1. Position Mobile Parallels overhead at shoulder width apart.
  2. Hold Mobile Parallels and lift body off ground and shift weight from side to side, lifting one hand with each sway. Avoid elevating shoulders.

Exercise 3: Wall Bar Jumping Squats

  1. Position feet on second bar from the bottom and hands at chest height.
  2. Drop down into deep squat.
  3. Explode upward and land on next bar.
  4. Drop down into deep squat.
  5. Keep feet on bars and raise out of squat, reaching hands to next bar height.
  6. Drop down into deep squat and then continue Wall Bar Jumping Squats as high as possible without making contact with the top of the frame.

Exercise 4: Lateral Monkey Bars

  1. Stand on the Plyometric Platform.
  2. Reach for a training bar and laterally shuffle your body back and forth across the training bars.

Exercise 5: Up Strength Squat to Y

  1. Select a low handle position and reach arms up wide and overhead until the straps are tense.
  2. Lean back and squat down into a deep squat, allowing arms to fall forward.
  3. Keep arms straight and lift back to starting position.

Exercise 6: Wall Bar Bridge to Sit-Up

  1. Bend knees and set feet in Wall Bars.
  2. Lean back and elevate hips to form a bridge.
  3. Lower back and reach up into a sit-up.
  4. Roll down and push up into a bridge and repeat.
  5. Focus on flow and rhythm.

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