Queenax™ of the Week: Functional Dry-Land Workout for Swimmers


Queenax™ of the Week: Functional Dry-Land Workout for Swimmers

Swimming is one of those quintessential summer activities, between days at the lake, visiting the water park, or lazy floats down the river. Make the most of your summer with this dry-land functional workout that will work your upper body and give you the strength to push through water easily. Whether you are an avid swimmer or participate recreationally, these movements will set you up for success by boosting your strength and range of motion.

Equipment Needs

  • Queenax™
  • Superfunctional™
  • Strong++™
  • Up Strength
  • CrossCore®

Workout Guidelines 

Success in the water starts with the training you introduce on land. This functional workout focuses on building strength and range of motion in the upper body and core while boosting endurance. Complete 2-3 full rounds of the circuit below spending 30-45 seconds with each movement and allowing 15 seconds for movement transition. Be sure to properly warm up and cool down to get the most out of this workout.  

Strong++ Forward Lunge with Decline Fly 


  1. Hold on to handles and stand tall with arms wide.
  2. With straight arms, step forward into lunge and cross arms over forward knee.
  3. Step back and return to starting position.

Superfunctional Hanging Swing  


  1. Set bar at head level.
  2. Step back until the straps are tight and arms straight.
  3. Bend knees and run under the bar, keeping arms straight.
  4. At the end of the range of motion, lift legs and swing back and forward.

 Up Strength Is, Ys, Ts and Ms


  1. Grab handles and reach straight arms directly over shoulders (“I” position).
  2. Lean back to find an appropriate training angle.
  3. Keep arms straight and bring them down to centre.
  4. Open arms wide and reach up into a “Y” position.
  5. Return to centre. Perform same movement with “T” and “M” positions.

CrossCore Flutter Kick 


  1. Place your feet, toes down in the handle grip.
  2. With bent elbows, push up into a plank position while engageing the core.
  3. Flutter the feet and maintain neutral spine.

Up Strength Mountain Climbers


  1. Place one foot in each stirrup with elbows on floor.
  2. Lift into plank.
  3. Perform reciprocating knees to chest motion.

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