Queenax™ of the Week: Partner Circuit


Queenax™ of the Week: Partner Circuit

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Training with a partner has been shown to increase motivation, results, accountability and engagement! Try this partner circuit workout to elevate your workout intensity and increase workout enjoyment.

Equipment Needs

Rebounder, Torso Trainer, Plyometric Platform, UFO and Monkey Bars

Training Description

  • 60 seconds per movement.
  • 10-15 seconds rest between movements.
  • Perform entire set of 5 movements 3 times. Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.


Mini Tramp Partner Pass - Rebounder

  1.  Stand three to four feet from the rebounder, facing forward beside partner with ball at chest height.
  2.  Explosively throw ball at rebounder.
  3.  Partner catches ball and throws it to rebounder.
  4.  Repeat alternating catches.

Hand Pass With Rotation - Torso Trainer

  1.  Stand beside partner facing anchor.
  2.  Partner One starts with bar on shoulder, elbows bent.
  3.  Partner One rotates outward with bar before passing bar to Partner Two.
  4.  Repeat and continue passing.

Partner Step-Up - Plyometric Platform

  1.  Face partner or stand on a different side of the platform than partner.
  2.  Partner One steps up on to platform and returns to starting position.
  3.  As soon as Partner One touches down, Partner Two steps up.
  4.  Repeat.

Partner Plank Push and Pull - UFO

  1.  Face partner and put elbows on platform.
  2.  In a plank position, push and pull partner in the sagittal plane, driving hips forward and back to initiate movement.

Forward Monkey Bar Pass

1. Move across the monkey bars, reaching from bar to bar with alternating arms.


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