Queenax™ of the Week: Recover Well


Queenax™ of the Week: Recover Well

Recovery should play an important role in your weekly fitness routine. Be sure to take some time following each workout to allow your muscles to recover fully following strength, functional and cardio sessions. These five Superfunctional™ mobility movements can be a great supplement to your regular stretching regimen and will help you recovering well. Complete each movement below for 30-60 seconds with a focus on controlled breathing and slow movement through each exercise. 

Hamstring Stretch 


  1. Set bar at level 9.
  2. Set one foot on bar and hold straps.
  3. Slide leg forward into stretch.

Weave Through Chest Stretch


  1. Set bar at level 9.
  2. In a quadruped position beside bar, rotate and reach arm up.
  3. Rotate and weave arm through to reach the bar.

Side Reach 


  1. Set bar at hip height.
  2. In a staggered stance, turn sideways and position one hand on bar.
  3. Reach free arm overhead as bar extends away from body.

Hip Hinge


  1. Set bar at hip height.
  2. Hinge at hip, sliding bar forward and hips backward.
  3. Keep a neutral spine with arms in line with ears.

Overhead Lunge


  1. Set bar at waist level.
  2. With hands wide on bar, step into forward lunge and reach bar overhead.
  3. Focus on bending the back knee to reduce stress on front leg.





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