Queenax™ of the Week: Recovery Day


Queenax™ of the Week: Recovery Day

This restorative movement sequence focuses on core awareness and movement quality. Watch the video to see the movements in action. Then you can find guidelines for building this into in your training routine.


Equipment Needs

  • Superfunctional™
  • Queenax™

Workout Guidelines

  • If performing this before or after a workout, complete the entire sequence one time. 
  • If performing this as a stand-alone workout, repeat the entire sequence 2-3 times.

1) Forward Hip Hinge - 60 seconds (amplify by adding reaches)

2) Lateral Hip Mobilisers - 30 seconds per leg

3) Lateral Lunge with Bar Pass - 60 seconds

4) Child's Pose - 60 seconds

5) Toe Taps on Bar - 30 seconds per leg

6) Balance Jumps - 60 seconds

7) Angled Plank with Hip Mobilisers - 30 seconds per side (15 seconds external rotation, 15 seconds internal rotation)

8) Angled Plank with Reach - 30 seconds per side

9) Hanging Swing - 60 seconds. Take breaks if needed; grip strength will improve over time.