Queenax™ of the Week: Shoulder Mobility Movement Prep


Queenax™ of the Week: Shoulder Mobility Movement Prep

Many upper body exercises involve the shoulders, especially body weight and functional movements. Pushing, pulling and functional swinging exercises in particular require a strong base through the scapula. This routine should be performed as a movement preparation series focusing on higher volume repetitions while building a solid base, minimizing quantity of reps as strength increases. Proper form is highly critical to the development of scapular upper body strength, so be sure to pay close attention to each repetition at a slow and controlled pace. 

Equipment Needs: 

  • Queenax™
  • Wall Bars
  • Superfunctional™ 
  • Mobile Parallels

Movement Guidelines: 

Complete 10-12 repetitions of each movement below while controlling the movement with deep breathing at a slow pace. After completing one round of all five movements, take a moment to re-evaluate your body and continue with 1-2 more rounds of the movements. 

Plank with Protraction/Retraction  


  • Set hands on ground and position feet in Wall Bars at shoulder height.
  • Inhale and pull shoulder blades back and together.
  • Exhale and round shoulder blades forward toward chest.
  • Repeat.

Scapular Depression


  • Select bar at overhead level.
  • Stand in a split squat with arms straight and shoulders pulled down and chest high.
  • Bend knee and drop down, allowing shoulders to elevate.
  • Pull shoulders down and return to starting position.

Push Through 


  • Position the Mobile Parallels at shoulder height.
  • Place hands on grips with arms extended and bend the knees, sitting the hips back.
  • Jump up, pushing into bars with straight arms.

Overhead Squat


  • Set bar at thigh height.
  • Hold straight arms at head level in front of body.
  • Squat down, allowing arms to pull back slightly while lowering to maintain alignment with spine.
  • Stand up to return to starting position.

Dynamic Shoulders 


  • Stand 12 inches in front of Wall Bars, facing away.
  • Reach back to touch bar behind,keeping arms straight and shoulders low.
  • Drop down into split squat.
  • Modify exercise by stepping closer to frame and selecting a lower bar height.




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