Queenax™ of the Week: Ski Workout


Queenax™ of the Week: Ski Workout

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Try out these Queenax™ moves to help improve your form, function and stamina on the slopes this winter.

Equipment needed: Strong++™, Superfunctional™, UFO, Torso Trainer™ and Wall Bars.

Tip: If you do not have all of the equipment listed, you can use tubing or Stroops equipment in place of Strong++, and TRX® or CrossCore® in place of Superfunctional.

Side Shuffle Squat with Strong++: 60 Seconds
Trains endurance and lower body strength

  1. Position two Strong++ side by side.
  2. Hold on to the high pulleys.
  3. Step back to create tension in the tubes and lower into a squat.
  4. Shuffle in a low squat from side to side.
  5. Tip: Keep up your cardio up, but lessen the strength demand by reducing squat depth.

Superfunctional Pistol Squat: 30 Seconds per Side
Trains lower body strength, balance and squatting range of motion

  1. Set bar at hip level.
  2. Lean back, balancing on single leg with opposite leg straight and in front of body.
  3. Keep chest upright and lower into squat, sinking back into hips.
  4. Increase the lower body challenge by squatting in a more upright position.

Superfunctional Suspended Lateral Lunge: 30 Seconds per Side
Frontal plane exercise trains lower body and glute strength

  1. Set bar at lowest level.
  2. Stand beside bar and set foot on it at a slight angle for grip.
  3. Slide bar laterally while bending opposite leg.  

Single Leg Squat with Knee Raise and Front-Back Shift: 30 Seconds per Side
Trains proprioception, lower body strength, core control and balance

  1. Set Superfunctional bars at level 4 or 5.
  2. Stand on UFO on one leg and hold on to both bars.
  3. Use hips and ankles to initiate a front-back swing.
  4. Bring knee to chest on front swing, using bars to push up.
  5. Drop into single leg squat on the back swing.
  6. Focus on smooth transitions from front to back.

Lateral Shift: 60 Seconds
Trains proprioception, balance, core control and coordination

  1. Stand forward-facing on the UFO.
  2. Use hips and ankles to initiate a lateral shifting motion.
  3. Push off of opposite foot to drive movement from side to side.
  4. Tip: New users should position Superfunctional bars at level 4 or 5 for support.

Torso Trainer Squat with Rotation: 45 Seconds
Trains rotational strength to help with weight transfer, directional changes and control

  1. Extend arms forward at shoulder height.
  2. Drop into a squat and rotate upper body, bending arms and bringing bar toward one shoulder.
  3. Return to starting position with arms extended and repeat on opposite side.

Wall Bar Bridge to Sit-Up: 45 Seconds
Trains abdominals, spine stabilisers and glutes to improve core control

  1. Bend knees and set feet in wall bars.
  2. Lean back and elevate hips to form a bridge.
  3. Lower back and reach up into a sit-up.
  4. Roll down and push up into a bridge and repeat.
  5. Focus on rhythm and flow.

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