Queenax™ of the Week: Up Strength Primal Power Circuit


Queenax™ of the Week: Up Strength Primal Power Circuit

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Foundational movements such as pushing, pulling, squatting, twisting and lunging aid in our ability to perform activities of daily life with ease and comfort. No matter if your training goal is to boost overall quality of life or you are more interested in improving athletic performance, this workout will address full-body muscle engagement around the primal movements for building a strong foundation.

Equipment Considerations: 

  • Up Strength suspension fitness training tool
  • Queenax™ functional training system

Workout Guidelines: 

This workout is designed to reflect primal movements with the Up Strength application in conjunction with Queenax. Attach Up Strength to a single training bar on your Queenax unit, and warm-up fully before starting this workout. Spend 45 seconds with each exercise before progressing to the next. Movements should be performed at a high tempo while considering proper form. Complete three rounds of this circuit with 2-3 minutes rest between circuits.

  1. Angled Push-Up
  • Grab handles at chest height and lean forward to find an appropriate resistance angle. Increase the challenge by selecting an asymmetric or lower handle height.
  • Bend the elbows and perform a push-up.

2. Up Strength Pull-Up

  • Hold the handles at the top of the ladder, allowing bodyweight to sink while bending knees and lifting your feet off of the floor.
  • Pull-up, keeping arms close to sides and shoulders away from the ears.
  • Modify this exercise by selecting a lower handle height and keeping feet on floor. Perform a pull-up with assistance by keeping the legs in contact with the ground.

3. Overhead Squat 

  • Grab handles and hold in a Y position overhead.
  • Bend at the knees, pushing hips back while keeping arms high.
  • Keep tension on straps and return to starting position.

4. Alternating Prone Runner

  • Place one foot in each stirrup with elbows on floor.
  • Lift into plank.
  • Draw one knee toward chest, stabilising through the core. Release leg back to starting position and pause. Bring opposite knee toward chest and return to starting position.

5. Reverse Lunge 

  • Grab handles at hip height.
  • Step backward into reverse lunge, bending at the knees while reaching arms forward to shoulder height.
  • Step forward to starting position.

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