Queenax™ of the Week: Superfunctional™ Recovery Workout


Queenax™ of the Week: Superfunctional™ Recovery Workout

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This workout is perfect for your recovery day! These movements focus on coordination, flow, balance, flexibility, breathing, core control and proprioception. Whether this is your first workout on Queenax or you’re looking for a way to restore after a heavier workout, this movement sequence is optimised for you.

Equipment Needs

  • Superfunctional

Workout Guidelines

Perform two sets of a movement sequence for 30 seconds before adjusting the bar height. Movements should be performed at a slow-moderate pace, focusing on achieving a complete range of motion. Rest for 0-30 seconds between sequences. After completing the sequence twice, adjust the bar to the next setting. While all elements of this programme are reflected in each movement selection below, the key areas of fitness addressed by each movement are highlighted here.

Sequence 1: Set bar at hip height

SF Lunge with Rotation

Trains: Coordination, Flow

  1. With hands wide on bar, step into forward lunge and reach bar across body.
  2. Focus on bending back knee to reduce stress on front leg.
  3. Return to starting position and repeat on opposite leg.

SF Hip Extension

Trains: Coordination, Balance, Core Control, Flexibility

  1. Stand directly behind training bar on single leg.
  2. Extend forward by hinging at the waist and pushing with the arm.
  3. Lift one leg.
  4. Focus on neutral spine and avoid elevating shoulders.
  5. Raise right leg on the first set and left leg on the second set.

SF Glute Stretch

Trains: Balance, Flexibility

  1. Cross one knee atop the other and hold on to bar with both hands.
  2. Lean back to create tension on straps.
  3. Sit back into a deep stretch.
  4. Keep arms straight throughout movement.


Trains: Coordination, Flow, Flexibility

  1. Stand straight with arms overhead and tension on straps.
  2. Hinge at the waist and lean back, maintaining a straight back and rocking to heels.
  3. Pull arms overhead and return to starting position.

SF Assisted Squat

Trains: Flexibility

  1. Set feet hip width apart.
  2. With straight arms, lean body back, maintaining a plank position.
  3. Drop bottom toward the ground, keeping chest upright.
  4. Keep arms straight while returning to starting position.

Sequence 2 - Set bar at Level 9

Balance Jumps

Trains: Proprioception, Balance, Coordination, Core Control

  1. Stand beside bar on a single leg.
  2. Jump over bar and land on opposite leg and hold for five seconds until balanced.
  3. Repeat back and forth across the bar.

SF Toe Taps

Trains: Proprioception, Balance, Coordination, Core Control

  1. Stand on the bar with a single leg.
  2. Lift leg and reach down to tap ground in front of bar.
  3. Lift foot back to centre and then tap down behind bar.
  4. Keep knees in line with toes.


Trains: Core Control

  1. In a prone position on elbows, lift top of feet on to bar.
  2. Maintain a neutral spine throughout exercise.


Trains: Core Control

  1. Lie on back and position mid foot on bar.
  2. Raise hips to form a straight line from shoulders to knees.
  3. Keep knees bent.

Sequence 3 - Set bar at or above head height

Scapular Depression

Trains: Coordination, Flexibility

  1. Stand in a split squat with arms straight and shoulders pulled down and chest high.
  2. Bend knee and drop down, allowing shoulders to elevate.
  3. Pull shoulders down and return to starting position.

Bonus: Swing and Hang

Trains: Coordination, Core Control, Proprioception

  1. Step back until the straps are tight and arms straight.
  2. Bend knees and run under the bar, keeping arms straight.
  3. At the end of the range of motion, lift legs and swing back and forward.

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