Queenax™ of the Week: Superfunctional™ Tabata


Queenax™ of the Week: Superfunctional™ Tabata

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Tabatas are a popular form of high intensity interval training, and are easily performed on any Queenax™ configuration. Try this Queenax of the Week Superfunctional™ Tabata to elevate metabolism and push your performance in 20 minutes.

20 Minute Workout Structure


  • 4 Minutes: Tabata
  • 4 Minutes: Recovery
  • 4 Minutes: Tabata 2
  • 4 Minutes Recovery
  • 4 Minutes: Tabata 3

1) Warm-Up thoroughly before performing this workout.

2) Perform each Tabata for four minutes. Each Tabata includes eight sets of 20 seconds work/10 seconds recovery.

3) In each Tabata, perform Movement 1 for minutes 1 & 3 and perform Movement 2 for minutes 2 & 4.

3) Do not change bar height during Tabatas. All bar heights can be adjusted during recovery periods.

4) Recover for three to five minutes between Tabatas.

5) Cool down after completing this workout.

Superfunctional Tabatas

Tabata 1: Jump Squat & Seated Jump Squat

Movement 1: Jump Squat

  1. Set bar at thigh or hip height.
  2. With arms straight, lean back slightly until straps are tight.
  3. Squat down, keeping chest upright.
  4. Explode up into jump, keeping tension in straps and straight arms.
  5. Load and repeat.

Movement 2: Seated Jump Squat

  1. Set bar height at lowest level. 
  2. Sit on the bar with straight legs and hold on to straps for balance.
  3. Bend knees and lower into seated squat.
  4. Push off into jump.
  5. Focus on soft landing and repeat.

Tabata 2: Jump-Assisted Pull-Up and Jump-Assisted Lateral Pull-Up

Movement 1: Jump-Assisted Pull-Up

  1. Set bar at high or overhead height.
  2. Grip bar and set hands wide on bar.
  3. Jump to assist the pull-up, keeping shoulders down throughout movement.
  4. Slowly lower body to ground and repeat.

Movement 2: Jump-Assisted Lateral Pull-Up

  1. Perform same steps as above, but position body beneath the length of the bar.
  2. Alternate pulling up to the right and left sides of the bar.

Tabata 3: Suspended Push-Up With Crunch and Suspended Lunge with Hop

Movement 1: Suspended Push-Up With Crunch

  1. Set bar at lowest level with feet on bar.
  2. Bend knees to chest, maintaining neutral spine.
  3. Extend and lower into push-up.
  4. Bend knees to chest and repeat.

Movement 2: Suspended Lunge With Hop

  1. Set bar at lowest level.
  2. Stand in front of bar (bar should be directly below Training Bar).
  3. Set toes on bar and reach back into lunge.
  4. Slide forward and explosively hop, keeping toes on bar at all times.

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