Queenax™ of the Week: Superfunctional™ Upper Body Blast


Queenax™ of the Week: Superfunctional™ Upper Body Blast

Short on time? This 30-minute session will deliver a quick, yet effective upper-body workout using Queenax™ and Superfunctional™. Add these movements to your current routine and achieve results with suspension fitness and functional training. 



Equipment Needs

  • Superfunctional™
  • Queenax™

Workout Guidelines

  • Complete 3-5 sets 
  • 12-15 reps of each movement

1) Superfunctional Ys

2) Angled tricep press

3) Scapular depression: stabilised or hanging 

4) Pull-Up: supported, assisted or suspended

5) Hanging switch 

6) Suspended pike 

7) Superman 

8) Angled push-up 

    Author Information

    Hayley Hollander
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    Hayley Hollander is an international coach, educator, business leader, and overall passionate mover. She is an Education Director for the Gray Institute, a Precor Master Coach, Power Plate Master Coach, and Co-founder of Pivotal; a global development company empowering people to fulfill their greatest potential.  

    With 19 years in the movement industry she brings experience as a Fitness Director for Midtown, Director of Training and Education for PTA Global, Business owner, and International Educator. Her in-depth knowledge and experience has helped to develop and create curriculums and programs that are used all over the world.  She has taught over 500+ workshops, educated over 5,000+ coaches around the world, and helped to develop and train 150+ Educators in the movement industry.

    Hayley holds a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education with a minor in Mathematics.  She is a GIFT Fellow, CAFS, 3DMAPS, EXOS Performance Specialist, and is PTA Global Certified.

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