Queenax™ of the Week: Swing 'n Sweat Workout


Queenax™ of the Week: Swing 'n Sweat Workout

Swing into this empowering play-based workout that will add an element of fun and enjoyment into your training routine. 

Equipment Needs

  • Queenax™
  • Superfunctional™

Workout Guidelines

This workout consists of three swinging movements, each paired with a suspension exercise. You will need to adjust the bar height for every movement pair which will allow for a bit of quick active recovery during your circuit. Spend 30 seconds at each station and complete all six exercises as a complete circuit. 

Swing Back 


  1. Set bar at head level.
  2. Step back until the straps are tight and arms straight.
  3. Bend knees and run under the bar, keeping arms straight.
  4. At the end of the range of motion, lift legs and swing back, placing feet on the ground with each return. 

Metabolic Jumping Pull Up 


  1. Set bar at high or overheadheight.
  2. Extend arms and bend knees to load lower body.
  3. Jump and pull up over the bar.
  4. Land and fully extend, and quickly rebound to next jump.

Hands-Free Swing 


  1. Set bar at thigh height.
  2. Sit on bar and hold straps.
  3. Walk back to create a pendulum.
  4. Lift legs and swing forward.
  5. Pump legs to continue the swing.
  6. Engage core and release hands,keeping them close to straps forbalance and safety.



  1. Set bar at hip height.
  2. Maintain a plank position as arms reach forward.
  3. Keeping arms straight, lean forward until arms are in line with ears.

Swinging Squat


  1. Set bar at lowest level.
  2. Push off on to bar to build momentum.
  3. Balance on bar and swing forward and backward.
  4. Drop downinto a squat at the back of the swing, keeping knees over toes.

Suspended Lateral Lunge


  1. Set bar at lowest level.
  2. Stand beside bar (bar should be directly below Training Bar).
  3. Set foot on bar at slight angle for grip.
  4. Push bar laterally while bending opposite leg.

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