Queenax™ of the Week: Upper Body Powerhouse Workout


Queenax™ of the Week: Upper Body Powerhouse Workout

This Superfunctional™ triplex workout challenges your upper body and core with traditional and dynamic movement patterns. The Superfunctional bar provides stability and confidence as you take on new motion paths and greater ranges of motion.

The first exercise in each triplex focuses on stabilising and/or strengthening the shoulders, arms and core. The second movement challenges strength, coordination and stamina. Modify or amplify these exercises by varying your training angle. Finally, recover and restore during the final minute with a mobility exercise.

Workout Guidelines

Strengthen, play and mobilise: perform each movement for 30-60 seconds with no rest in between movements. Rest for 1-2 minutes after each triplex and repeat it up to three times before moving on to the next triplex.

Triplex 1: Core Strength

Set-up: Position bar at hip height.

SF Plank


  1. Hold the bar at chest height and walk feet back until core is engaged.
  2. Hold for one minute, or modify by alternating walking back and holding at end range of motion for 2-4 seconds, and then walking feet forward and recovering for 2 seconds.

SF Rollout


  1. Start with arms at hip height and rollout, reaching arms forward as far as possible.
  2. Push down and return to starting position.
  3. Modify this exercise by walking feet forward to reduce your range of motion.

Hip Hinge


  1. Start with arms at hip height and hinge forward, reaching arms away from body.
  2. Return to standing position and repeat.

Triplex 2: Pulling Strength

Set-Up: Position bar at head height.

Scapular Depression


  1. Hold bar and lower body into deep split stance with arms extended.
  2. Elevate shoulders and allow bodyweight to sink down.
  3. Pull shoulders down and away from ears, pulling chest upright.
  4. Alternate elevating and depressing shoulders.
  5. Keep arms straight throughout the movement.

Metabolic Jumping Pull-Up


  1. Set legs hip width apart, hold bar, and drop down until arms are extended.
  2. Explode up and pull-push down into bar while jumping as high as possible.
  3. Return to starting position and repeat as quickly as possible with minimal rest time.

Lat and Shoulder Stretch


  1. Step back, lean back and then extend arms until straps are tight.
  2. Cross one foot in front of the other and drive hip back and away from the anchor.
  3. Allow arms to fully extend forward.
  4. Hold for 2-4 seconds, stand up and cross opposite leg, and repeat on opposite side.
  5. Note: To increase range of motion you may need to lower the bar to waist height.

Triplex 3: Pushing Strength

Set-Up: Position bar at level 9.

Angled Plank with Rotation


  1. Hold bar at chest height and lean forward until core is engaged.
  2. Extend one arm up and then twist and cross arm beneath the bar.
  3. Return to extended position, switch arms, and repeat on opposite side.
  4. Note: The video indicates a higher bar position than level 9. However, avoid adjusting the bar height by walking feet forward.



  1. Bend down and position hands on bar.
  2. Rollout and drop into a push-up.
  3. Press up and simultaneously drive back to starting position.



  1. Start in a prone position with bar at chest height.
  2. Extend arms forward, keeping head in line with the rest of spine.
  3. Pull bar back to starting position.

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