Up Strength Movement Library

Personal Training

Up Strength Movement Library

Up Strength is a suspension fitness trainer with independent straps - "ladders." With twelve handles per ladder, there is no need for adjustments. Just grab and go! The independent anchor points accommodate asymmetric training, as well as a range of standing, leaning, bending, climbing, pushing, pulling and twisting movements. 

Upper Body Push and Pull Movements

Upper Body Pushes, Presses, Rows, Hangs and Pulls

Angled Push-Up







Is Ys Ts Ms




Squat and Lunge Movements

Bilateral, Single Leg, Offset Squats, Lunges

Single Leg Squat Circle


Asymmetric Lunge


Alternating Lateral Lunge



Sports/Skill/Play and Core & Hips Movements

Core, Hips, Gaiting, Plyometrics, Play-Based Activities, Sport-Specific

Asymmetric Plank


Mountain Climber


Single Ladder Climb



Plank Climb Down