Strong++™ Movement Library

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Strong++™ Movement Library

Strong++ is a tubing and pulley system that accommodates multi-planar resistance training. It consists of three different tubes, each with a different thickness (level of resistance). These tubes can be connected with carabiners to accommodate 7+ levels of resistance. Exercisers can work from the low pull point, the high pull point, or connect the tubes together and move in any direction without concern to the line of pull. Handles or ankle straps can be used for an infinite number of movements. Additionally, position two Strong++ side-by-side for bilateral movements.

Upper Body Push and Pull Movements

Upper Body Pushes, Presses, Rows, and Pulls

Bilateral Push


Reciprocating Upper Body Push


Upper Body Push with Rotation



Upper Body Push with Lunge


Single Side Row with Rotation


Row with Rotation and Squat



Bilateral Row with Lunge




Core, Hips & Twist Movements

Bending, Extending, Twisting and Isometric Movements

Standing Crunch


Bend to Extend


SL Squat with Rotation



Glutes and Hips Series