Superfunctional™ Movement Library


Superfunctional™ Movement Library

Superfunctional™ is a suspension fitness bar developed by Queenax™. The dual anchor points provide greater confidence and stability while training with suspension, yet the trapeze-inspired design is a natural fit for play-based and skill-based training. This movement library will highlight exercises that allow you to push, pull, swing, hang, stand and sit on the bar. Click on the videos below to find the right movements for your training goals.

Upper Body Push and Pull Movements

Upper Body Pushes, Presses, Rows, Hangs and Pulls

SF Angled Push-Up


SF Push-Up


SF Inverted Push-Up



SF Asymmetric Rollout


SF Row


SF Supported Pull-Up



SF Pull-up


SF Jump-Assisted Pull-Up




Squat and Lunge Movements

Bilateral, Single Leg, Offset Squats, lunges

SF Assisted Squat


SF Squat


SF Overhead Squat



SF Suspended Squat


SF Jump Squat


SF Suspended Lunge



SF Lateral Lunge


SF Lunge with Rotation




Core, Hips and Twist Movements

Bending, Extending, Twisting and Isometric Movements

SF Glute Bridge


SF Plank on Elbows


SF Prone Crunch



SF Sit-Up


SF Overhead V-Sit


SF Hanging Crunch



SF Hip Extension


SF Hanging Rollover





Sport/Skill/Play Movements

Gaiting Movements, Plyometrics, Play-Based Activities, Sport-Specific

SF Swing


SF Balance Jumps