UFO Movement Library

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UFO Movement Library

The UFO, or the Unidentified Fitness Object, is a suspension platform that is unique to the Queenax™ platform. It is rooted in board sports, and its four connexion points allow the exerciser to drive it in 360 degrees. Training on the UFO brings a big fun factor and enhances motor control, balance, rhythm, body awareness, mental engagement, and strength.

Upper Body Push and Core & Hips Movements

Upper Body Pushes and Core Planks, Twists and Bridges

Extended Push-Up


Prone Crunch


Reciprocating Oblique Crunches



Plank Extensions with Rotation




Squat, Lunge and Sports/Skill/Play Movements

Squats, Lunges, Gaiting, Plyometrics, Play-Based Activities, Sport-Specific

Crop Circle




Suspended Lunge



Squat with Front/Back Shift



Lateral Shift with Squat



Lateral Shift with Bar



Seated Lateral Shift