Upper Body Superset Workout

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Upper Body Superset Workout

By John Meeks, CSCS, Precor Master Coach, CFL1

The Upper Body Superset Workout utilises the Precor Smith Machine and is a great way to strengthen the upper back and shoulders. This workout combines a seated shoulder press with a high row and should be performed after a complete warm-up.



Seated Press Coaching and Cueing

  1. Press the lower back in the seat with shoulders back and down, and the head in a neutral position.
  2. Keep the heels driven into the floor.
  3. Grab the bar outside the shoulders with elbows pointing forward.

Upright Row Coaching and Cueing

  1. Stand with feet under the hips and keep the head in the neutral position.
  2. Grab the bar inside the shoulders with palms facing toward the body.
  3. Keep the bar close to the body as it moves upward, allowing elbows to go wide.
  4. Do not use momentum to raise the bar.

Superset Instructions

Perform the upright row as soon as the seated press is complete and the client has changed the weights. Rest for 2.5 minutes following each set, and perform 5 supersets in total.  Clients seeking to increase strength should perform 6-8 reps at 60-80% of 1 rep max. Those looking to shape and tone should perform 8-10 reps at 50-70% of 1 rep max.

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