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For Gym Operators

EFX Video



The history of the elliptical begins with Precor and we are proud of our heritage of proven reliability.

For the satisfaction of exercisers and facility operators, the time has come to refresh the elliptical you know and love.

Quality and innovation take time.

We’ve undertaken three years of research and development,

because we wanted to get it right.

We wanted to make it better.

So we listened to our customers.

We commissioned studies on the diversity of motion paths and the impact on the body.

We simulated the convergence of footsteps.

We optimized the frame.

We modernized the design.

And we tested, and tested,

until we knew we had created something extraordinary.

The result is the Precor Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer with Converging CrossRamp, or simply put, the EFX.

For the exerciser, it offers a more approachable machine, with more natural strides, thanks to our patented Converging CrossRamp.

For the facility operator, it’s easier to inspect with an Active Status Light,

easier to clean,

and faster to service,

…All of which improves your ownership experience.

Ellipticals are an essential to your cardio floor.

And the Precor EFX helps you continue perfecting your facility.

See it now: precor.com/efx