Free Download: Health Club Industry Mid-Market Report

For Gym Operators

Free Download: Health Club Industry Mid-Market Report

Precor is excited to co-sponsor the health club industry mid-market report from Ray Algar of Oxygen Consulting. If you are a club operator who feels ‘caught in the middle’, this report is for you.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find the right balance between delivering a differentiated experience and driving value chain efficiency. This report focuses on insights mid-tier operators can employ to encourage long-term success; however, the lessons in creating perceived value are beneficial to all. Specifically, this report delves into how the current consumer landscape is bifurcating into transactional (self-service) and experiential (supported) service providers.

This is true in restaurants, hospitality, retail and fitness. If you want to not only survive, but thrive as an experiential service provider, you must commit to consistently delivering your brand’s value promise.

Unfortunately there is no magic bullet. What works for one club or fitness team may not work for another. Ray Algar has done a great job of putting together a collection of case studies, industry insights and interviews. Our goal with this study is to challenge, inspire and educate.

In the Precor Creed, our set of core values, we believe in mutual respect and the overwhelming returns of sharing. We are pleased to share this practical, action-oriented report with you. We hope this helps you to better serve your members and achieve continued success. Thank you for sharing in the fitness journey of making the world a healthier and happier place.

Download the entire report in .pdf format or read below.

About the Author

Ray Algar is the Managing Director of Oxygen Consulting, a UK-based company that provides compelling strategic business insight for organizations connected to the global health and fitness industry. Until recently, Ray was also the Chairman of Wave Leisure Trust, a UK social enterprise operating health and leisure centers in the South East of England. He was involved for more than six years and experienced its transition from a start-up to a highly influential leisure organization making a significant social impact on the communities it served.

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