On Demand Webinar: Insights to Stay Current with Strength Equipment Purchasing 

For Gym Operators

On Demand Webinar: Insights to Stay Current with Strength Equipment Purchasing 

Buying strength equipment is not the way it used to be. Change is rampant. The available space has changed, the exerciser has changed, the competition has changed, the products have changed. One of the things that hasn't changed is that buying strength equipment is a longer-term ownership commitment than other types of fitness equipment. How do you know you're making the right decision? What are the important things you need to think about when purchasing strength? Ultimately, what matters is that what you purchased gets used by exercisers of all experience levels.

Listen to Richard Earney of Midtown Athletic Club as he discusses how they determined the right product mix to maximize their new floor space. Rudy Fabiano, CEO of Fabiano Designs, will share insights on how design trends are influencing fitness facilities. Hear from Erica Tillinghast, Precor global education manager, as she explains what's behind the trends in strength training and how this may affect your purchase decision. Get firsthand knowledge from John Meeks, co-owner of two CrossFit gyms, regarding how to stay current in the competitive fitness landscape. 

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Featured Panelists

Rudy Fabiano - Rudy Fabiano is the CEO and design director for Fabiano Designs, a leading design firm with roots in the health, fitness, wellness, spa and integrated holistic health industry. His team provides an integrated building approach with a focus on helping clients gain market share, raise retention and increase usage. 

Richard Earney - Richard Earney has 24 years of experience in the fitness industry. He joined the Midtown Montreal Team in 2014 as fitness director and later took on the role of general manager. In 2016, he moved to Chicago to join the Midtown corporate team, and in March of this year, he took up the position of national program director for the Midtown Clubs. Before joining Midtown, Richard was an advisor for Adidas and Reebok, and served as a member of the Technical Expert Group of European Health Fitness Association along with the PTA Global faculty. He also served as group wellbeing director of Aspria, which is considered Europe’s leading health club chain. 

Erica Tillinghast - Erica Tillinghast is the global education manager for Precor. Erica develops training curriculums for Precor and leads the worldwide Master Coach team. She travels globally as an educator, coach and industry presenter, and she contributes to product development initiatives at Precor. 

John Meeks - John Meeks has more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has worked for 10 years as strength and conditioning coach with multiple youth athletic teams and clubs and has assisted with more than 50 athletes attending Division 1 schools. He is the head coach and co-owner of two CrossFit gyms in North Carolina and is a Precor Master Coach. He is also the director of the War of the WODS, one of the largest CrossFit competitions on the East Coast with more than 1,200 competitors.