Functional Training Solutions

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Functional Training Solutions

Functional training continues to grow in popularity and by using versatile equipment operators can maximise floor space while also offering the training options exercisers’ are looking for.

Whether you have lots of space or a small area, there are always options to incorporate functional training. Queenax™ units can be adapted to fit any space, making it possible for gyms of all sizes to offer a boutique experience and a personal touch. Versatile training options enable facilities to offer a variety of classes and exercises to a broad membership base. Customers who have already done this include: 

Xcite Livingston in West Lothian removed a wall from the regular gym floor, adding space and creating easy access to a fitness studio that now showcases the world’s largest Queenax™ functional training unit, a massive 145 sq m. 

The manager at Xcite Livingston, Robert Taylor, said: “The Xcite team are hyped to have the biggest Queenax™ unit in the world. This is a great piece of kit and offers a range of exercises and training for our customers to keep their workouts fresh. We’re looking forward to introducing new innovative fitness classes.” 

Salt Ayre Sports Centre in Lancashire also recently installed a Queenax™ Format unit. The versatility of the system allows them to focus on exercises that support the over 60’s GP referral members. 


At the other end of the spectrum, modern, science-themed life:lab in Chislehurst, Kent offer a boutique gym experience. They have three Queenax™ units providing the backdrop for High Intensity Functional Fitness (HIFF), Low Impact functional exercise and explosive High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions. 

Co-owner Adam Daniel comments: “Our Queenax™ One units are an integral part of the three small group training programmes (Tribe FIT, Tribe LIFE and LL HiiT) that we offer. All sessions are coached by one of our highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainers, with a maximum of 10 members per session. The Queenax™ allow us to maximise our space fully, giving us a quick and easy storage solution, whilst also giving us the flexibility to use the units as anchors for our TRXs and Rip’s, as well as for any bodyweight movements such as Pull Ups.” 

We are seeing a real upsurge in the number and range of clubs installing Queenax™ as members are looking to attend functional training circuit and group exercise classes with high quality instructors. The unit enables operators to easily attach, remove or reconfigure accessories so that it can effortlessly convert to keep up with the demand. In addition, PT’s have an endless array of exercises to challenge their clients. It encourages participation, provides fun ways to exercise and creates a real ‘buzz’ on the gym floor. Offering versatile exercise options is the key to success and Precor is always looking to improve the system with accessory apps such as UFO® and AntiGravity® Fitness. 

With the importance of having high quality trainers, we partner with education specialists Athleticum to deliver live training, enabling successful gym floor programming and instructors to dynamically engage with the members. Alongside the online Precor Coaching Centre, which upskills staff on how to use equipment and run group exercise classes, enabling them to include it as part of their workout routine. All our content is developed with the time-sensitive trainer in mind – videos and documents are to the point so you can start applying the training ideas immediately.