How to Differentiate Your Facility with Spinning®

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How to Differentiate Your Facility with Spinning®

The fitness industry is continually growing and changing. As this happens, it is becoming increasingly necessary for your facility to stand apart from the competition by offering unique, empowering and engaging workout experiences.

One way to do this is to offer Spin® classes. As the creators of the indoor cycling category, Spinning® has defined indoor cycling through its innovation, core philosophy, strong programming options and invigorating rides. Spinning is the most sought after indoor cycling program in clubs around the world and remains the global leader of this exhilarating workout category. Read on to learn how your facility can set itself apart and benefit through embracing the Spinning community.

The Spinning program has helped millions of people get into the best shape of their lives by providing the necessary tools to achieve their health and fitness goals. By becoming an Official Spinning Facility you’re offering potential future members the opportunity to become part of this tightknit community.

Bring In New Members

Spinning is so much more than an indoor cycling class – it combines the elements of a real cycling experience while incorporating great music. Led by knowledgeable, engaging instructors, Spinning is fun and challenging. It’s about empowerment and camaraderie. With over 200,000 certified Spinning instructors and millions of Spinning enthusiasts located in over 80 countries around the world, Spinning boasts a culture and community following like no other group exercise program.

Highlighting your Spin classes and new Spinner® bikes by Precor can open your doors to enthusiasts that seek out the Spinning program and the global community that goes along with it.

Keep Current Members Interested

Incorporating the Spinning program at your facility is a sure way to pique the curiosity of those who already attend your gym. The variety, excitement, and expertise of certified Spinning instructors brings a fresh new opportunity to the group exercise classes offered at your facility. The energy and camaraderie from a Spin class will be reflected upon current members whose own workout routines may have grown monotonous. This consistent, high-quality, fun workout experience will give your members something to rely on, class after class.

To build interest around Spinning, you can challenge current members to a competition surrounding Spin classes, such as, who can ride the most miles, burn the most calories, or attend the most Spin classes over the course of a month. Offer exciting themed rides like “90s Hip Hop Throwback” or “Tour de France: Riding Through the Alps” to draw in members who seek an extra little push to try something new. A holiday themed ride or a candles-only meditative journey can be the perfect ride for some members.

Make Extra Money

Charging a fee for Spin classes is an excellent way to generate secondary revenue for your facility. Once exercisers experience how addicting and rewarding Spinning can be, they’ll be willing to pay for a class that delivers the results that they seek.

Earning this secondary revenue comes in part from Certified Spinning Instructors. Each time they refresh their expertise through the educational programming provided by Spinning, whether through 8-week programs, Continuing Education Credits (CECs), or global rides, they acquire new styles of teaching. Professional development helps instructors offer an entertaining variety in Spinning that makes this class offering something members are willing to pay for and engage with.

Save Money with Operational Efficiency

Spinner bikes are built to last and are designed to shed moisture. The open base frames allow for easy cleaning of the studio floor, as floors can be mopped without moving the bikes. Heavy duty stainless and aluminum frames and fasteners protect the bikes from rust and wear.

Another important part of the operational efficiency that comes with Spinner bikes and the Spinning program is the fact that facilities will receive full marketing and program support through in-club marketing kits, photography, certification reminders, monthly newsletters, ongoing communications, and more from Spinning.

Last but not least, Spinner bikes are able to move around easily thanks to the wheels located at the front of the bike. Tip your Spinner bikes onto their front transport wheels and roll them out onto your studio floor for class, and then simply stash them away into a closet or corner when it’s time to move on to your next class. This will allow you to save on valuable group exercise or studio space.

Get the Latest Technology

With the new Precor® and Spinning® partnership, you’ll be benefiting from our reputation for solid customer service and our strong history as innovative, reliable players in the fitness equipment industry, in conjunction with the dynamic culture and educational experience that is synonymous with Spinning.

While you’ll still see the features that you know and love on the new line of Spinner bikes, the Precor and Spinning engineering team have been working hard to apply their insights and expertise to the all-new Spinner® Ride™, Spinner® Shift™, and Spinner® Rally™ indoor cycles, making these the hottest new bikes on the market.

Help reach your facility’s goals in 2016 by distinguishing yourself as an Official Spinning® Facility.

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