Infographic: What is Networked Fitness?

Networked Fitness

Infographic: What is Networked Fitness?

Are you a gym operator looking for an easy, efficient way to communicate directly with your exercisers as they work out, in addition to gaining valuable insight into workout patterns as a means of fostering a quality relationship, and tracking cardio asset utilization? If so, then Preva®, the networked fitness solution from Precor, is just for you.

The Preva operating system is available through the 880 line consoles found on Precor Experience Series™ cardio equipment. It allows exercisers to track their fitness goals and progress over time, and operators to increase retention rates and drive revenue.

What Is Preva? Infographic

Why do exercisers love Preva?

First and foremost, you’re probably wondering what benefits Preva would have for your exercisers.

Incredibly easy to personalize, Preva is an effective way for users to set and keep track of their exercise goals and progress they’re making over time. Simple to access through networked consoles, exercisers’ data is stored in the cloud, and can be accessed for future reference.

Preva makes exercising fun! Users are rewarded badges for accomplishing significant exercise milestones, such as climbing the distance it takes to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower.

This powerful networked fitness experience has been shown to boost exercisers’ fitness motivation, making them eager to work out more often, and for longer amounts of time. For the operator, this means higher retention rates, which is a significant source of revenue gain.

Why should operators choose Preva?

Since its start in 2010, exercisers have logged well over 250 million workouts, proving Preva to be an accomplished networked fitness solution. Spanning worldwide across 79 countries, more than 46,000 networked units are tracking the statistics of exercisers.

From an operator’s perspective, Preva allows you to really know what your exercisers are up to. Preva Business Suite, a behind-the-scenes portal for operators, gives you access to real-time equipment usage data, trends, and reports.

Gather insights about exerciser use of networked Precor cardio equipment from the Exerciser Activity Report found in Preva Business Suite to determine effective, targeted communication strategies for reaching out to your facility’s members. By isolating the specific email addresses of those exercisers who use Precor treadmills regularly, you can share helpful running tips or the date of an upcoming group run. Leverage the in workout messaging feature to share special deals, discounts, or promotions to exercisers through workout messages that are delivered as users are actively looking at the console screen.

The bottom line

Preva networked fitness offers a powerful, all-encompassing way to achieve significant results by truly strengthening the bond between operator and exerciser. Offering Preva-enabled consoles to your exercisers means they’ll be more likely to feel motivated and inspired to work out more often. The more they exercise, the more likely they will see your workout messages. The increase in communication can not only result in revenue gains, but additionally a stronger, more trusted bond between operator and exerciser.

Learn more about how Preva is a proven method of bringing together operators and exercisers in this infographic, and feel free to download it for reference in the future or to share with others!