Making a Boutique Environment Work within Your Facility

For Gym Operators

Making a Boutique Environment Work within Your Facility

It’s no secret that exercisers of today are looking for a more personalised boutique experience that provides them with results and a strong community-like atmosphere. Yoga, Barre, indoor cycling and studios of the like are popping up in neighbourhoods around the globe. The boutique industry has been able to grow rapidly due to several factors: low start-up costs compared to traditional gyms, the ability to change programming easily to capture the latest trends, authenticity and friendliness from staff and the ideology to foster a tribal mentality.

While 42% of fitness consumers go to boutiques, it should be noted that 77% of those who exercise at boutiques also attend classes at another studio or are members of a gym. This is not because exercisers aren’t loyal, but because they are looking to align with their many different personal life experiences. They’re loyal to what they value in their own lives.[1]

Are you recognising this as a trend at your facility? Do you know which members are also seeking boutique studios to meet their fitness needs? While you may be concerned that your gym’s members will leave in favour of the next hottest boutique down the street, there are several actions you can take to create a stronger boutique feel within your own facility.


Grow the Boutique Feeling within Your Gym

Here are some tips on implementing the values and ideologies in your gym that make boutiques so appealing to exercisers:

  • Find the sweet spot of what your facility members want the most, accompanied with what your gym does best. This is where you should focusing your efforts. For example, are you exercisers looking for high intensity interval training (HIIT)? Do your trainers thrive in group environments but rarely get the chance to use their skills in that way? Consider adding several small group training sessions throughout the week that focus on HIIT. This will help foster a team-like environment.
  • Take advantage of trends. Encourage your staff to keep an eye out for the latest fitness industry trends on social media, online, in stores and in speaking with friends and family. If you were to jump aboard some of the latest fitness crazes, you may be able to take advantage of the opportunity and grow your gym’s member base through specialised classes.
  • Personalise the experience for your members, from the moment they enter the gym to when they leave. Boutiques thrive on taking great care of their members. Each member is greeted by name and staff make genuine efforts to learn more about them, from their fitness goals to their life stories. Strive to achieve this level of familiarity with your members – it will create trust and loyalty, and ultimately, keep your members returning to your gym.

What Next?

Are you interested in taking a proactive approach to creating that highly sought-after boutique experience within your own facility?

One of the most popular styles of boutique fitness experience is indoor cycling[1]. Indoor cycles are great assets to create a boutique feel because they have a small footprint, are easy to move and offer a very high intensity workout. There are three main trends that have led to the growth of the indoor cycle, all of which can be linked to boutiques: small group training such as high-intensity or functional training; hybrid group exercise that involves strong, engaging programming; and gamified workouts that have riders connected digitally, like through a leaderboard.

How Precor Can Help

We have a solution that offers all of the above features in one convenient indoor cycle: the Spinner® Chrono™ Power bike. This bike was developed in response to the demands of indoor cycling enthusiasts who were looking for a more engaging ride that tracked their performance. Here are just a few key features of the new Spinner Chrono Power bike:

  • Power Measurement: Kick your indoor cycling classes up a notch with the ability to measure riders’ personal performance in watts. The bright console features an easy-to-use interface that displays a variety of stats during the workout. Spinner Chrono Power bikes can be connected to a leaderboard, allowing riders to compete against each other and themselves. This brings the gamification factor to a new, exciting level that Spinning has not seen yet.
  • Durable Design: The aluminium frame and other heavy-duty materials that make up the bike mean it can withstand high-volume use in gyms. Through dedicated Spinning classes, hybrid HIIT training using indoor cycles alongside bodyweight activities, and other small group training experiences, your Spinner Chrono Power bikes will stand the test of time.
  • SPINPower® Education: This programming works hand-in-hand with the new Spinner Chrono Power bike. Instructors who take the SPINPower program certification learn the importance of training with power measurement, how to develop progressive programming and how to succeed at leading effective and fun SPINPower rides that leave students feeling proud and wanting to come back for more. Imagine how powerful the combination of Spinner Chrono Power bikes and SPINPower-certified instructors would be for your facility.

Contact a Precor representative if you are interested in learning more about how the Spinner Chrono Power bike can help transition your traditional gym into one that also offers quality boutique experiences.