Operators: Introducing the Preva Exerciser Activity Report

For Gym Operators

Operators: Introducing the Preva Exerciser Activity Report

If you are an operator currently using Preva Business Suite for your fitness facility, or are interested in adding networked Precor equipment to your gym, we have exciting news for you. On December 2, 2014, we’re unveiling a brand new feature on Preva Business Suite – the Exerciser Activity Report. This reporting feature, which appears automatically on your Preva Business Suite dashboard, will provide many insights into your facility’s Preva-using exercisers.

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What is the Preva Exerciser Activity Report?

Intuitive and simple to use, this feature gives you an in-depth look at your exercisers’ use of Precor cardio equipment. The Exerciser Activity Report generates a summary that includes many fields, such as:

  • Whether or not the Preva exerciser has used a Preva RFID token or wristband to access the system
  • If the exerciser has set a goal using Preva
  • Total minutes a user has worked out during a selected time frame
  • Total distance an exerciser has completed

This data can be viewed for specified dates and times of your choosing in ninety-day increments, up to 180 days back in time. You can also select which type of Precor networked equipment you’d like to see in the report: treadmills, ellipticals, AMTs, upright and recumbent bikes. The data can be conveniently exported into a spreadsheet for further sorting and saving. Preva Exerciser Activity Report Details

So, what should you do with all of this great information?

In addition to keeping track of exercisers’ cardio workouts and trends as a whole, you can use the Exerciser Activity Report to measure specific activities and achievements on a per-exerciser basis. Here are two ideas of ways you can use the information.

  • Run a contest: Spark your members’ competitive interests by holding a contest that awards and celebrates such feats as whoever burns the most calories or logs the most miles during a certain month. The data you retrieve from a Preva Exerciser Activity Report will provide you with exactly what you need to know to award prizes accordingly.
  • Target a certain group of exercisers: Planning on starting a new class, such as group cycle? Generate an Exerciser Activity Report to find out which of your Preva exercisers racks up the most minutes or miles on the upright or recumbent bikes. These people are likely going to be very interested in your new class – consider sending them an email to promote it.

Be sure to check out this valuable new feature on the Preva Business Suite! If you’re an operator who’s curious to learn more about Preva networked fitness, have a look at our infographic.