Precor Cardio Offers Solutions for Any Facility

For Gym Operators

Precor Cardio Offers Solutions for Any Facility

No matter what kind of fitness facility you run, Precor has a cardio solution that can be tailored to meet your needs. Based on feedback from gym operators, we created a mix-and-match portfolio that enables any of our consoles to be compatible with any of our Experience® Series elliptical, treadmill, Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT®), upright bike, or recumbent bike.

These console and equipment mix-and-match options are ideal if you are an operators looking to cater your members’ cardio experiences to your specific type of facility. Whether your clients require a range of unique motions and tech savvy entertainment or just want to get on and go, or anything in between, we have you covered.

If your members value PT sessions, getting a variety of workouts from the equipment or performance training for sport, then the unique motions in our 800 Line of cardio equipment will suit them perfectly. Including being able to run downhill on the treadmills, target different muscles with a movable CrossRamp on the elliptical or have full flexibility of stride length on the AMT.

If your members are more of the get on and go variety then our 700 Line of cardio will be a great match. Providing the same high quality workout for your exercisers just without the extensive unique motions.

All our lines are designed to handle the demands and challenges of commercial facilities, delivering strong performance and exceptional quality that exercisers and operators alike know and love about Precor.

When it comes to consoles all of our range is ergonomically positioned to deliver crystal clear entertainment viewing for exercisers in motion. It's also a direct-to-exerciser communication portal allowing you an opportunity to build your brand, share information about activities and services and strengthen the sense of community within your facility.

You can choose which ones best suits the needs of your members on each of your cardio machines. If they are tech savvy, like to keep track of their fitness goals and catch up on their latest shows our networked touchscreen consoles will meet their requirements. With screen choice of 15-inch with the P82 and 10.1 inch with the P62. Both of which you can personalise with a custom interface ensuring your brand is front and centre to your members.

For those get on and go members that just want an LED display with the latest fitness stats the P30 provides them what they need.

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