Whitepaper: Squat Progressions for Variety, Form, and Function

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Whitepaper: Squat Progressions for Variety, Form, and Function

Lately, squats and lunges have become two of the most prescribed functional exercises. Why? They are foundational to so many of our daily activities and movement patterns like getting in and out of a chair, picking up kids or objects, and climbing stairs to name a few.

Find out why every well-equipped exercise facility should have the tools to support progression training.

Download the entire whitepaper in .pdf format or read below.

About the Authors

Michael Harper, M.Ed.

A Cooper Institute Associate Director, Michael Harper trains health and fitness professionals throughout the US and worldwide as well as provides strategy for military and first responder fitness programs. Bringing Division I & II experience as an assistant and head strength coach and a personal trainer, he provides real world application for working with beginners to elite athletes.

Sue Beckham, Ph.D.

Director of Adult Education at The Cooper Institute, Dr. Sue Beckham is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Her experience which includes academic teaching and research, coaching athletes, sports medicine, and personal training provides the foundation for her ‘hands-on’ approach to teaching.