$900 increase in revenue after one month of running a promotion through an in-workout message at Fitness Evolution.

Use Preva Message Manager to up sell services and strengthen customer relationships by sending relevant promotional offers and information to members during the first few minutes of their workout routine.

About Message Manager

Message Manager gives operators the ability to send exercisers a message directly to the Precor P80 console both on the welcome screen and during the workout. In-workout messages enable facilities to put high-impact, customizable, and targeted communications in front of their members at specific days and times, and direct exercisers with a simple click to any web page that supports their custom content.

These tools have been proven to be a powerful communication platform for operators with workout message click through rates, (CTRs), surpassing the CTR of traditional emails and often exceeding the three-percent industry standard for email marketing click-throughs. Consequently, these messages have helped operators improve their engagement with members and increase their secondary revenue generation.

Washington-based Fitness Evolution used the Workout Message feature to offer customers a newly launched Platinum Membership that entitled them to premium services and benefits.

They experienced a remarkable 5.19 percent CTR resulting in 60 membership upgrades. Each upgrade is $15 to $25 in additional revenue, which adds up to $900 of additional revenue per month or $10,800 per year. The first week of the promotion yielded an especially impressive 6.88 percent CTR.

Preva console

“I was happy with how many people actually clicked through to read it. That tells me they’re actually looking at the messages placed on the machines.”
— Tamara McClellan, owner of Fitness Evolution, Bellingham.

The Ntense Workout fitness facility in Poland, Ohio, used the Workout Message feature to advertise new abdominal and yoga classes, generating a 4.05 percent CTR overall, and an 8.53 percent CTR during the first week - almost three times the desired 3 percent target for traditional e-mail messages. According to Alison Straub Zabel, president of Ntense, the facility also saw a surge in class participation following the marketing campaign. “I think it’s a great function. It keeps our offerings in front of people and it’s hitting them when it’s going to impact them the most,” said Zabel.

Valley Athletic Club in Olympia, Washington offered patrons a membership upgrade, communicated via both a workout message and two email blasts. The workout messaging proved to be a more effective communication tool as it yielded a 1% higher CTR than the email messages. Ultimately, the promotion yielded 17 membership upgrades, totalling $270 of added revenue for the month, a great result with little effort required to run the message.

Grant Larsen, a manager from Valley Athletic Club, said that he sees a variety of potential applications for the messaging functionality in the near future. “We’ve got tons of programmes going at all times and a lot of people aren’t aware of the different offerings. So it’s an opportunity to expand their horizons,” said Larsen.

The Grand Hyatt New York provides another example where a facility engaged exercisers with relevant and valuable information.
The Grand Hyatt New York holds the distinctive honour as the host hotel for the U.S. Open. During the tournament, Assistant Director of Rooms, Jimmy Rakowski, estimated 83 percent of the hotel occupants were either attendees or participants in the Grand Slam tennis event. To increase engagement with guests, the Grand Hyatt utilized the Preva Workout Messaging feature to deliver tournament information during 1,700 workouts. Exercisers clicked on the link to the schedule more than 10 percent of the time, which is more than 3 times the rate of high performing email campaigns which deliver around a 3 percent click-through rate.

Preva Workout Messaging provides a proven platform for operators to deliver relevant content and promotions directly to members. Keeping members informed about facility news and the additional services offered at the club can help boost member engagement and drive secondary revenue generation.

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