Value of a Dealer

Our equipment helps users get a great experience.

Our dealers make sure you get one.

Value of a dealerWhen a company is trying to sell you their fitness equipment, they are really easy to get a hold of. At Precor, that doesn’t change after the sale. In the 2009 IHRSA Health Club Equipment Benchmarking Report, 150 health club operators ranked Precor #1 in “After Sales Service.”

We offer more dealers and certified techs than anyone else in the industry. Along with regular maintenance clinics for your staff, our dealers also provide access to locally warehoused products and parts to keep your facility operational. Most also offer maintenance contracts in addition to servicing our warranties.

One call gets you a lot. Our customers rely on our dealers for everything from audio visual requirements to water coolers in addition to our equipment. And that saves you time and takes a few things off your plate. Our expertise helps in other ways, too. Our dealers have experience in laying out the electrical for your facility and know how to maximize space. They are motivated to use their knowledge and experience to help you make sure that your users have a quality experience every time they walk into your fitness center.

It’s great that you see your Precor dealer as a resource for excellent equipment. But we think you’ll appreciate all the other things they provide just as much.