Weight Loss Zone Workouts on the Precor EFX®


Weight Loss Zone Workouts on the Precor EFX®

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The use of training heart zones is a good way to direct your exertion. Intensities varying from 70% to 90% of aerobic capacity can elevate caloric expenditure during a single training session. The use of heart monitors is a great way to hone in on the right intensity as well as to provide quantifiable information, such as metrics on calories, intensity and recovery timing. Heart rate training zones can be easily estimated with the use of general equations found in the article The Science of Resetting Your Bodyweight. Put this to practise with the 30’ Zone Workout and the 40’ Triple Challenge Workout.

30' Zone Workout

40' Triple Challenge Workout

  • Zone 1 = Easy Effort
  • Zone 2 = Moderate Pace
  • Zone 3 = Somewhat Hard
  • Zone 4 = Hard Effort
  • Zone 5  = All Out

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