Console Models

  • P82

    P82 Enterainment Console

    Experience™ Series P82 Console

    Available on Precor Experience® Series cardio equipment, the P82 console will hook the exerciser through an alluring workout experience that rivals the latest touch screen technologies.  Fueled by a new quad core processor and an Android® operating system, the bright and brilliant user interface delivers a modern-day experience that exercisers have come to enjoy from their personal technology devices.

  • P62

    P62 Cardio Console

    Experience™ Series P62 Console

    The P62 touch screen console, available on the Experience™ Series 700 and 800 cardio lines, injects contemporary design and a premium networked fitness experience to the cardio floor, at a mid-tier price. Personalized viewing and remarkable clarity of TV and internet options exercisers crave, all in a 10” screen.

  • P30

    Experience™ Series P30 Console

    Designed to support exercisers in motion, the P30 console features a large LED display and motion controls along with mobile device charging for all mobile phones including those running Android™, Apple®, BlackBerry™ and Windows® operating systems, and small MP3 players.  This console includes 6 workout keys with up to 21 workouts, numeric keypad, large workout profile, informative message line, Quick Start, and all the exercise metrics to keep users informed.

  • P30i

    TRM 731i Interval Console

    Interval Console

    Available exclusively on the 700 Line Treadmill, the P30i Interval Console is an easy-to-use console that facilitates interval training with one-touch speed and incline keys. With the P30i console, the exerciser can quickly select the interval intensity speed and incline at anytime during their workout.

  • Standard

    Standard Console

    Assurance™ Series Cardio Console

    Our Standard Console is designed with clear visuals and familiar layout to increase program exploration, leading to greater satisfaction. This console includes 6 one-touch workout keys, numeric keypad, workout profile, Quick Start, and essential exercise metrics (time, distance, calories, speed, incline, resistance level, Cross Ramp Level).