Preva® Networked Fitness Training Center

Resources for Operators, Staff, and Exercisers

Your Precor networked cardio equipment has so much to offer you, your staff and your exercisers. Get familiar with all the features with these easy-to-access tools including live webinars, downloadable guides, and short demonstration videos. They’re all just a click away.

Instructor-led Webinars

Our dynamic and interactive instructor-led webinars review how to best utilize the Preva® features of your Precor networked fitness equipment, and provide you the opportunity to ask questions. The live webinars are offered multiple times each week to accommodate your busy schedule.


Register for an E-Learning Account

Precor offers an online learning management system with quick and easy access to brief, interactive learning modules and tutorials, any time it's convenient for you and your staff. Our Getting Started Guide will show you how to register for an e-learning account.


Navigating the Precor Touchscreen Console

This one-pager is perfect for orienting new exercisers or staff on how to navigate the Precor touchscreen console. Download and print copies to share or post.

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  • In-workout Messages
    Reach Your Exercisers with Custom In-workout Messages

    Learn how to send custom messages to your exercisers through your Precor networked fitness equipment. Keep your exercisers informed about your schedules, services, and specials via the in-workout message that appears about 90 seconds into their cardio workout. Review best practices about using workout messages.

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  • Welcome Messages
    Create a Message to Accompany a Welcome

    This brief tutorial will show you how to easily add a brief message to the welcome each exerciser sees at the top of their console screen before their cardio workout starts. You can keep your exercisers informed about upcoming events, specials, or schedule changes taking place in your facility. Updates are easy to make.

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  • Walk-up Screen
    Customize the Walk-up Screen With Your Brand

    Colorful, bright console screens in the cardio area attract exercisers. Why not customize that screen with your branding? This brief tutorial will give you all the details, and step-by-step instruction to create a stunning, customized walk-up screen to greet your exercisers and lend visual impact to the cardio floor.

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  • Create a Preva Account
    How to Create a Preva Personal Account on the Console

    Engagement starts here. Your exercisers will get so much more from their cardio workout with a Preva personal account. This interactive module shows the easy-to-follow steps, screen by screen, in minutes. Make sure your staff is familiar with creating an account so they can show exercisers.


  • Phone Sign-In
    Preva Account Sign-in Using Your Mobile Phone

    Help exercisers get to their cardio workout faster and still enjoy the benefits of their Preva personal account. This module shows how to use a mobile phone to quickly and easily sign into a Preva personal account via Bluetooth®. Skip the lengthy screen tapping of an email address and password.


  • Bluetooth Connection
    Connecting Bluetooth® Headphones to the Precor Touchscreen

    Bluetooth headphones allow exercisers to enjoy tether-free audio during their workout. Share this brief module with your staff and exercisers so they can see how fast and easy it is to pair Bluetooth headphones to the Precor cardio console to enjoy entertainment and music without the wires.


Escape with Interactive Workouts from RunTV

In this interactive module, you'll see how your exercisers can escape to the gym with RunTV, a standard feature on networked Precor P82 consoles, including stunning interactive trails, fitness centric media, and so much more to keep them engaged.