Networked Fitness

Network Fitness

Partnerships and Integrations

An open platform and a carefully chosen community of partners helps us integrate with the systems and services you value the most–systems dedicated to meaningful exerciser experiences that improve participation, increase retention, and build revenue.



Let ClubCom do the work of further customizing the exerciser experience on Precor networked cardio consoles. ClubCom leverages the industry-leading Preva open platform to provide custom branded and dedicated tiles that connect to your on-demand video library, personal trainer profiles, group exercise schedules, and much more. These tiles are easily discoverable alongside the other Preva entertainment and workout tiles. The development work can be subsidized by allowing third-party advertisers to promote their products and services via pre-workout video shorts.



Precor is proud to partner with EveryMove, the nation’s first lifestyle-based rewards program that enables exercisers to capture their healthy activities for rewards from brands, their employer, and their healthcare provider.



The integration of the eGym cardio training system with Precor cardio equipment provides two options to make fitness training easier, more intuitive, and motivating. Personal trainers can use the eGym trainer app to tailor and deliver custom cardio workouts to their clients. Exercisers can opt for Smart Workouts, an automated system with a brief fitness assessment, which delivers cardio programs personalized to the exerciser automatically. Both options report workout results to enable valuable conversations between the personal trainer and the exerciser, and allow exercisers to track their progress, and share their results with friends.



Movescount is an advanced tracking app which allows exercisers to plan routes, track their moves, and share these with Movescount. Pair Movescount with a Suunto® watch or simply use a smartphone for tracking. Either way, Movescount is fully integrated with Preva, allowing exercisers to capture and consolidate all their activity inside and outside of the fitness facility, and connect via social media while on the go.



Delivered on select Precor 880 Line treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes, EXOS Energy Systems Development goes beyond the one-size-fits-all static programming to deliver highly personalized and results-oriented cardio workouts to exercisers of all levels. Based on an exerciser’s evaluation data, EXOS ESD recommends interval workouts tailored to their current ability, and evolves as their performance improves.



The ActivTrax platform provides an affordable, proven and effective solution for improving member retention, increasing personal training, and helping members realize their fitness goals. ActivTrax facilities can connect the Preva operating system with ActivTrax, enabling exercisers to share their cardio exercise data with the ActivTrax system.



Netpulse offers fitness facilities a customized mobile app that integrates with the Preva operating system. The mobile app reflects the facility’s branding, enabling them to offer their exercisers the ability to access class schedules, create workout goals, view and record Precor cardio and other workouts, receive deal alerts, and connect via social media while on the go.

Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft® HealthVault®

Precor offers exercisers the ability to automatically add tracked workouts directly into their Microsoft HealthVault account with their Preva personal account and the Preva Mobile app. Users can then view their workout information in Microsoft HealthVault along with their other health and wellness information.

Gym Farm

Gym Farm

Easily share club events, promotions, and class schedules on club-branded, networked Precor cardio consoles, and your mobile app, using Gym Farm’s suite of design tools. Take your mobile app further by allowing members to view workouts, check in, and access MYZONE and Perkville®. Use the Gym Farm Health Data Network to securely connect your facility to health insurance programs, so Preva® personal account holders can seamlessly share workout data and automatically receive incentives and rewards.

Gym Farm

Authentic8 ID Solutions

Authentic8 ID Solutions is the exclusive global supplier of Preva® Tokens and the premier supplier of custom printed membership cards, tags, keyfobs, and wristbands. As part of the Jonas Software Group, they have unrivaled experience in integrating their products with industry-leading leisure management software and hardware. Specializing in contactless RFID, Authentic8 ID Solutions have a range of options compatible with Preva for a super fast login. Their dedicated Preva webstore allows 24/7 access to browse, design, and order customized RFID for your club.