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Colorize Your Cardio and Refresh Your Portfolio

Customize your Precor consoles and cardio to fit your space. Our Mix-and-Match portfolio lets you pair different types and colors of consoles with different Experience™ Series cardio models.

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Networked Fitness: What's in it for me?

Preva®, our networked fitness platform, is the power behind our cardio connectivity solutions. Preva helps you enhance your exerciser's connection to the equipment and, in turn, your connection to them, giving you a leg up on your competition.

Get ready to delight your exercisers with:

  • More entertainment, interactive and immersive workouts from our select group of partners—EXOS®, ClubCom®, RunTV, and more to come.
  • No fuss connectivity—whether its pairing Bluetooth® headphones to the console or signing in/registering between Preva accounts and entertainment apps like Netflix® and Hulu®.

Everything in our world is connected. It should be that way in your facility, too.

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Champion the Spinning® Difference

Spinning® is more than just indoor cycling—it's an experience.

See how your facility can deliver a competitive, supportive, and energizing studio-quality ride with Spin® bikes' power measurement system, leaderboard technology from Spivi®, and bold design.

Last year, we introduced you to the Spinner® Chrono™ Power, the most innovative power bike on the market. This year, we're excited to continue the tradition of excellence by introducing you to the Spinner® Climb™.

For 25+ years, the Spinning® brand has been the industry leader in indoor cycling. See what our Spin® bikes can do for you.

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Assault Fitness

Jump on and Go With Assault Fitness

Exercisers expect HIIT workouts to push their boundaries and, in turn, they demand that their HIIT equipment keeps pace. Assault Fitness equipment does just that.

Loved by athletes of all abilities, the rugged durability and jump on-and-go capability boosts maximum results from maximum HIIT efforts.

The Assault AirRunner, AirBike Elite, and AirBike Classic all run on your own energy and use your own body for resistance. Unplug, use your own feet, and experience an unparalleled workout. Assault Fitness, in partnership with Precor, is popular around the world—exercisers want a workout that's far from the ordinary and far and above the competition.

Help transform lives—empower exercisers with Assault Fitness treadmills and bikes.

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Reasons to Upgrade Your Cardio

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Cardio

Not sure if you're ready for a cardio refresh? Find out why now is the best time for you to upgrade.

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Partner with Us for Success

Midtown Athletic  
Midtown Athletic

We've partnered with Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago to bring the world's largest health club to life utilizing Precor strength, cardio, and group training to the community. Check out a recap of the popular show site and learn about the success of the program.

City Fitness  
City Fitness

We've partnered with City Fitness in Philadelphia to bring Precor strength, cardio, and group training to the community. Check out a recap of the popular show site and learn about the success of the program.


Precor provided a complete fitness solution for University of North Carolina Greensboro to create one of the top attractions on campus recreation center.

Anytime Fitness  
Anytime Fitness

Hear from an Anytime Fitness owner who chose Precor as their strategic partner to create a fitness solution that sets them apart from their competition.

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