Testimonials and Case Studies

Exclusive Dubai hotel generates increased profits with innovative entertainment solutions

Le Royal Meridien Hotel

Situated along the golden sands of the famous Jumeirah strip, the five star Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort and Spa is one of Dubai's premier resorts and has an established reputation for luxury and excellence. The resort's exclusive health club, the Caracalla Fitness Club, is open to both guests and local residents and is renowned for providing an exceptional customer experience.

What we did
Precor was the only supplier to meet Le Royal Méridien's diverse requirements. As well as installing 22 stations from the Precor Experience Series, Le Royal Méridien also introduced our innovative entertainment solutions – a first for the Middle East. All cardiovascular stations are equipped with personal viewing screens which provide access to highly personalized and customized TV networks, designed to communicate, educate and entertain members while generating secondary spend.

What they said
Dustin McAvoy, the Sports & Recreation Manager had no doubts that Precor was the only option for Le Royal Méridien and said: "The fitness equipment in the Caracalla Fitness Club at Le Royal Méridien was less than two years old but we knew that to substantially improve our member experience, we needed to work with Precor and install their innovative entertainment solutions. This revolutionary entertainment system will enhance the member's experience; increase membership numbers and increased secondary spend."