Testimonials and Case Studies

Investing in Precor equipment helped raise overall guest satisfaction scores

Hampton Inn

The Hampton Inn in Glenwood Springs, Colorado is a 12 year-old, 70-room property. This is a very competitive hospitality market, as along with being near the very popular Glenwood Hot Springs, it shares the valley with Aspen. The hotel's guests are a blend of active outdoor enthusiasts and business travelers. With new properties opening in the market, management knew that to remain competitive they needed to remodel and expand their fitness facility.

What we did
The people at Hampton Inn know their market. They picked Precor because it would allow them to offer their discerning guests the same high-quality fitness experience they enjoyed at their home clubs. Precor equipment would also provide total body, trouble-free workouts, while communicating a feeling of quality for the whole hotel experience.

Their remodeled center provides Precor equipment including 2 treadmills, an elliptical machine and a recumbent bike. All also offer the latest personal viewing screens.

The project has been more successful than expected. Due to the new properties in the market, it was expected that there would be a dip in occupancy. But instead there was an increase. Their customer satisfaction numbers have shown dramatic increases and are tracking well above other comparable properties.

What they said
Bill Dillon, General Manager said, "Putting Precor equipment into our remodeled fitness center sent a positive message to our guests. The fact that we invested in this level of quality suggests that we have high standards throughout our hotel." He continued, "Before we put in the new equipment I'd see one person at the most working out. Now there are frequently 4 or 5 people using the equipment. We think so much of the Precor name that we include it in the advertising promoting our hotel."