Should I buy used Precor equipment?

"Used and refurbished Precor equipment is sold in many stores and on the Internet. With used or refurbished equipment, You won't know the history of the equipment such as how was it used? Was it serviced properly? Where was it located?

If you are thinking about purchasing used equipment, also stop and think about:

The Precor warranty is not transferable, if an unauthorized seller obtains new equipment, or a seller is selling used or refurbished equipment, the warranty cannot be transferred to you. Our warranty also clearly states that it is void in the event an unauthorized person provides service to the equipment - this includes installation and set up of the product. Sometimes sellers will remove the serial number from a product so it can't be traced to them - removal of the serial number also voids the warranty.

Safety and Service Issues
We have a legitimate interest in preventing products from being sold by unauthorized sellers who may not have Precor qualified and trained personnel for installation or service. Unauthorized servicers do not have access to Precor certified parts. There may be some safety risks involved when an unauthorized servicer utilizes parts not specifically designed for Precor products."