Precor's strength equipment completes your fitness routine.  Create a home gym that perfectly fits the space you have and gives you the strength workout you want.

Strength for every body and home

Complete your fitness routine with one of our strength systems. Create a home gym that perfectly fits the space you have and gives you the workout you want to complement your cardio efforts.

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  1. Home Bench

    Home Bench

    • Adjusts to six different positions
    • Can be used with FTS Glide or by itself
    • Integrated wheels and user-friendly handles
    Price $349


  2. FTS Glide Functional Training System

    FTS Glide Functional Training System

    • Dual weight stacks with a lift ratio of 2:1
    • User-friendly pulley adjustments offer 33 start positions
    • Instructional placards provide exercise guidance
    Price $3,895


  3. S3.45 Strength System

    S3.45 Strength System

    • Up to four stations
    • Preacher curl / Roman chair station
    • Add optional leg press and heavy weight stack
    Price $7,499


  4. DBR0119 Multi-Adjustable Bench

    DBR0119 Multi-Adjustable Bench

    • Multiple angles allow for a variety of lifting movements.
    • Heavy duty materials combined with an in-line adjustment design along the main frame spine optimizes strength and durability. Replaceable, non-slip wear guards on the rear base leg provide protection for spotters.
    • Covered wheels and padded handle make the bench easy to move. Rubber feet ensure that the bench will stay in place when it is put back down.
    Price $1,150


4 Item(s)

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